Greek Music Audiovisual Collections

“Greek Music Audiovisual Collections”, also referred as “M.EL.O.S.”, is a research project co‐financed by Greece and the European Union (Greece 2.0 - Recovery and Resilience Facility Agency).

Participants of the project:

  • The Friends of Music Society
  • Papazis & Co G.P., with the distinctive title “Altsol”
  • Special Account for Research Funds University of Macedonia (ELKE PAMAK) via the Department of Music Science and Art (TMET) - School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts of PAMAK.
  • Special Account for Research Funds University of Ioannina (ELKE Univ. Ioan.) via the Department of Music Studies (P.I.TMS) - Music Documentation Laboratory (EPSETEM)
  • - Special Account for Research Funds Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (ELKE AUTH) via the School of Music Studies (TMS) – Faculty of Fine Arts of AUTH

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The project has a total duration of 30 months. It started on April 1, 2022 and is expected to be completed on September 30, 2024.


The project focuses on:

 The development of a specialized musical ontology that will contain innovative features, as it will allow the integration of quality attributes , that will be automatically extracted from musical scores.

  The creation of technological products for gathering cultural content and their disposal to cultural reserve providers.

  The creation of national cooperative networks for joint management and creation of cultural reserve by bodies that have similar cultural collections.

  The development of methodology and techniques that will support the scientific enrichment of cultural reserve.

  The utilization of social networks and crowd sourcing.

  The development of tool and methodologies for searching, linking, retrieving, presenting/visualizing and enriching semantically annotated information and knowledge contained in the collections

  The promotion of the produced products of the project in the domestic and international market.



The methodology of M.EL.O.S Project, its main sections, as well as the phases with the deliverables.

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Visit the project’s three Local Music Ontology Repositories (TAMO) or the Central Music Authority Archive (KeMKA).

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